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Comunitat Xisqueta

Xisqueta - Col·lecció 2013

Agenda Xisqueta

Consult’the Workshop's Agenda Xisqueta for more information on fairs and conferences where you can find Xisqueta, as well as other events and training courses for the association.


Tallers de la Caravana Xisqueta

Xisqueta offers workshops on different techniques related to the work of the wool that comes from our sheep Xisquet: felting, spinning, crochet, needle and natural dye. They are aimed at all audiences (adult and child) with the ability to be able to work together.

We come with the caravan and no!

Information on the Caravan to Xisqueta:



Xisqueta gives talks and lectures in Spain to promote the project in comprehensive universities, associations, conferences, …


Vivències Xisqueta

Es tracta d’unes activitats organitzades durant l’estiu sota el lema de “Authentic experiences around the shepherds, flocks and wool Xisqueta”. Activities for all ages to culd.

Per més informació consulta el program of stories Xisqueta 2015