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Xisqueta Collection 2013

Ariadna is apprentice shepherd. Isil Alos live in a valley header culd. We are shearing House Bolunya Seurat. We have prepared this winter wool Xisqueta! The Ari takes the sheep without hurting him. The sheep Xisqueta is about to be detached from their wool, their winter dress. The Augustine House Roi Llessui is a pastor with those free spirit. Quiet, carefully prepared fleece, making bends with wool serving in the same queue Xisqueta shearing sheep. It is one of the few that still has the old and plays. Each with a bundle.

This is an example of true way… the road to take the wool of the sheep to make fabrics and garments enfeltrades. It is the way that values ​​tradition, they all fail. Is one way that we people who believe in the essence, which offers the simple life under the sun, under the light of the moon. We are the one who will play barefoot on the cold water and eat a colorful blanket, under the shelter of the trees and the warmth of the company. We have that calm, that we enjoy giving value to what we have, feeling that every day is wonderful. We are alive… follow the true path.

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Photos: Turmix Photo