FAQ’s more frequent questions

1. Is it possible to swap a product Xisqueta you buy your site?
2. Why Xisqueta products can only be purchased through the virtual store?
3. Why wool is spun Xisqueta this price ?!
4. Project Xisqueta invested profits?
5. What is a project of the Social Economy?
6. What does the logo wool High Pyrenees – Xisqueta sheep?

It is possible to exchange a product Xisqueta you buy your site?

Xisqueta understand that a product must be able to see and touch. We want to offer the opportunity to our customers who may purchase our products from the website and if they are not satisfied with the purchase, can return, change or refund the payment.
With jumpers, well if you do not you are not satisfied or size can be changed.

Xisqueta products can only be purchased through the virtual store?

The initial idea when we started selling products Xisqueta was trying to make the most direct sales of the product without going through the hands of middlemen. The pieces in our collection are pieces at a fair price on the price charged craftsman who valued their work.
Due to demand we have had from customers and thanks Xisqueta shops and spaces that are more related to our project and philosophy Xisqueta gradually taking physical spaces where we can see and buy some of our products.

Why wool is spun Xisqueta this price ?!

Our project is locally based and craftsmanship. This means that all the processes around obtaining any products Xisqueta are very laborious and expensive. For starters, the wool is Xisqueta purchase at a fair price to farmers. This is almost 10 times more than the conventional price.
The amount of wool they buy is very small for industrial processes. Although buy an average of 12 tons a year, this amount is still very Minc capacity for its machinery. This also means that the costs are expensive per pound of wool.
Once we collect the wool is washed in a laundry room door industry, but after the transformation is done in a thread spinning craft it more over your house, in this case Niaux (France) to 163 km.
All these steps include costs 4 to 5 times greater than the costs of the process of spinning industry. It is for this reason that the final price of our wool is not competitive with the conventional market.
Our wool has a strong traceability that entails buying wool shepherds and shepherdesses 25, friends of the project; for transport to perform the various processes of transformation and finally the presentation of the work product that results in a quality wool craft, unique and truly authentic.

How to invest the profits of the project Xisqueta?

The Association has started a long time that his work with the commercial brand Xisqueta. Currently the project does not produce profits. With the proceeds of the sales, the Association pays wool farmers, transport and production processes of various products Xisqueta: washing, combing, spinning… as well as managing the areas of sales, advertising, labeling, training and coordinating the creation of the annual collection and handicrafts Xisqueta.
Once Association may be gaining profits, they will invest in new productions, in addition to learning the craft / s and contract staff to manage and improve all aspects of the project.

What is a project of the Social Economy?

The social economy encourages another kind of economy that is based on achieving the common good and benefit to a community. Work the local economy since the sustainability and profitability, using the same resources that generates the territory: raw materials, expertise, people… causing an interaction between these to benefit each other and also provide other important benefits collateral development of the territory and the people who live there.
These benefits are here: introducing a profession, a race, a territory, heritage, culture and simultaneously generate a fabric craft people living in the region to consolidate providing jobs that people can win life with vocational jobs while generating an economy that focuses on small-scale local commerce, human relations and responsible consumption.

What does the logo wool High Pyrenees – Xisqueta sheep?

This logo identifies and certifies Xisqueta wool sheep, a breed of the High Pyrenees. This wool is marketed by Obrador Xisqueta within a project of revaluation of wool, and is also the basis of Xisqueta products.
It is not yet an official certificate. It is a trusted certificate which can explain all its traceability.

FAQ's operation of the web (virtual shop)

1. What forms of payment accepted?
2. What security is our store?
3. Do I need a PayPal account to buy in this shop?
4. Delivery and shipping charges


What forms of payment accepted?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and regular payments through PayPal.

What security is our store?

This shop uses PayPal to make payments, and PayPal automatically encrypted your confidential information in transit from your computer to our using the Secure Sockets Layer protocol (SSL) with an encryption key length of 128 bits (the highest level commercially available). .

I need a PayPal account to buy in this shop?

No, do not need a PayPal account to buy this shop. Even if you already have a PayPal account, you can use it.

Delivery and shipping charges

Delivery times depend on each piece and are indicated for each item. Because they are handmade products and unique in terms of delivery are wider than normal, because they can lead to production (if not in stock) plus shipping time… We therefore propose a different way of eating.
Shipping charges will be charged apart from the product.,ca