Xisqueta Collection 2014


Listening, inspiration, special attention: the time between each station that transforms the vastness of the landscape, the mountains and the sky is dyed in a multitude of shades and silence opens infinite space.

This is the palpable reality that these men and women live in the Pyrenees, unite with their land. We keep our senses open and wandering: bells ringing and go into the valleys. To pursue it further with a view a flock of sheep. Cloud balls appear here … Soon we wrap ourselves in their wool into winter.

It's what we share and transmit. Is the space that we open through the creation of objects. The inspiration imaginary emerges over the roads and the wool is in its raw power.

Wool opens the fluid worlds of poetry. It can metamorphosed under all possible ways! It allows us to regain contact with objects. Revives the skin, touch… It invites us to slow down. Thus the questions arise: How to give more softness around us? As more heat and give more weight to what is inside us?

Nests light, lights, animals, trees – hangers, tops of mountains lie-shops and blankets as playmates for children … all of them are part of the collection of objects experienced, vibrant that we offer and make sure to enjoy.

They are objects that tell the origin, we open up our homes.

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Photos: Turmix Photo

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