Xisqueta Collection 2015


Xisqueta Collection 2015 – “Naturalitza’t”,en


Let's be nature. Come into the woods…walk, breathe and follow nature. Feel with your hand the thick bark of trees, let you touch by the wind of the mountain, by the wind of the sea. Take everything that call you in the ground. Enjoy everything that you're able to recognize. Look this nook of light opening between the branches and discover beauty of the little things. Woods are a good shelter. Clouds, burning woods in a winter day are a good shelter. There are shelters that you cannot take away. Fibers that offers nature are a mobile shelter which accompany you everywhere, in the moment you decide it.

Xisqueta wool is a natural shelter that comes from sheep breed in these natural outdoors. Annually generate a thick layer that protects from cold and heat and generously offer us so we can use it to protect our skin. White, gray, brown… is its natural range. Is the range of colors that we offer in this collection. Sweaters and other garments that protect from the cold, cold, moisture that dress the countryside and the city, the young and the elderly. A universal fashion that comes from within nature itself. Let's be nature!

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Design of the collection: Marine Mercieux
Photos: Turmix Photo